HDPE Mining Tube,HDPE Pipe Manufacturer

                  HDPE Mining Tube,HDPE Pipe Manufacturer

                  Time :2020-06-20

                  HDPE Mining Pipe Introduction:

                  High-density polyethylene pipe is made from high density polyethylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of antioxidants, Anti-UV absorbers and pigments.

                  HDPE Pipe Features:

                  Pressure Rating: 0.6Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa, 1.6Mpa

                  Colors: white, black with blue stripe or other colors on request

                  Connection: Socket fusion joint, butt fusion joint, electro fusion joint, flanged joint

                  Standard: GB/T13663-2000

                  Certification: ISO90001

                  HDPE Mining Pipe Advantages:

                  1. Excellent transportation capability: the inner side of the PE pipe is smooth and has litter abrasion and resistance. The absolute roughness k=1.01mm and “k” will not change with time.

                  2. Reliable joint capability: the intensity of the welded joint of PE pipes is above the pipe itself. The interface will not disconnect because of the moving of soil or the live load.

                  3. Reliable safety capability: PE pipe has strong capability of anti-cracking and is not prone to crack.

                  4. Better resistance to concussion capability: PE pipe possesses high toughness and can endure strong impact. Pressure of heavy things will not cause the pipe to break.

                  5. Strong toughness: PE pipe is a kind of pipe that possesses high toughness whose breaking elongation rate generally exceeds 500% and has strong ability to adapt to the uneven settlement of the pipe bending.

                  6. Excellent flexibility: PE pipe can be easy to change in accordance with the construction requirements. Small-diameter pipe is available to be supplied in coils.

                  7. Installation cost lower: light weight, easy handling and installing, simple welding technique and exemption of being embalmed result in low construction cost.

                  HDPE Mining Pipe Applications:

                  1.City water pipe network system.

                  2.Urban and rural drinking water pipeline .

                  3.Chemical industry, chemical fiber, food, forestry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical. light industry, paper-making, metallurgy Industrial pipeline.

                  4.Agricultural irrigation pipe.