The characteristics of HDPE gas pipe

                  2020-06-19 admin 2181

                  The characteristics of HDPE gas pipe:


                  PE gas pipeline is mainly connected by welding methord,(hot melt connection or electro-fusion connection),So the surface is very stable and reliable.

                  2.Excellent flexible ability.

                   The flexible ability of polyethylene enable the HDPE pipe can be coiled,so PE gas pipeline can be  easily changed according to the requirements of the construction method.

                  3.Advanced electo-fusion fittings structure.

                  4.Corrosion resistant.

                  Polyethylene is an inert material,except a few strong oxidizer,hdpe pipe can resist many kinds of chemical medium to crrosion,No Electrochemical Corrosion,no need any coating.

                  5.Good ability of quickly cracking resistance.

                  6.Long lifespan.

                  HDPE pipe can be used 50 years in the normal condition.

                  7. Good scratch resistance

                  8.High Toughness ability.

                  PE gas pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe,The  break elongation is generally more than 500%.

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