The connection methord of HDPE pipe

                  2017-05-24 admin 2088

                  The connection method of HDPE pipe:

                  Large-diameter PE pipe pipe system mainly adopt hot melt docking way to connect the pipe, small-diameter PE pipe pipe system mainly adopt hot melt socket way to connect pipes,when pe pipe connected with the metal pipe and other pipe, flange connection must be used.

                  The hot melt docking methord means using hot melt welding machine to heat the pipe end,the tempature requirement of the connection way is about 210 degree celsius,after the pipe end melted,quickly to joint them and maintain a certain pressure, and then via cooling way to achieve the purpose of hot melt docking connection,The outdiameter above 90mm can adopt hot melt docking methord,this method is very reliable,the stength is stronger than the pipe  ontology.

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