The difference of small diameter HDPE pipe in coils and in straight

                  2017-05-24 admin 1906

                  LUOYANG MAX IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO.,LTD can make the HDPE pipe in coils within 63mm .

                  The difference of small diameter HDPE pipe between in coils and in straight:

                  The HDPE pipe in coils can enable  you connect them conveniently due to the small quantity connector but they will occupy more cube in container than HDPE pipe in straight.

                  The HDPE straight pipe can occupy less cube but they have many connectors need us to connect them.

                  So when you choose the small diameter HDPE pipe,please consider the advantage and the diadvantage and then tell us your decision or you can tell us your fact environment and we will analysis them and advise you  the best solusions for you.