Pipe Floats produced by Luoyang Max Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd.

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                  Pipe floats, dredging float,marine float,hose float.

                  An industry standard for the flotation of pipes, hoses and cables for dredging, mining

                  and marine applications. An easy to install solution that allows pipes to bend and flexible, while maintaining low resistance to waves, wind and current.

                  Luoyang Max's pipe floater stucturer Inclusions:

                  2 pipefloat halves

                  A galvanised assembly kit which includes:

                  4 bolts

                  4 nuts

                  8 washers

                  Structure of pipe floats:

                  Manufactured from polyethylene.

                  Manufactured in safety orange.

                  Stainless steel inserts used in crush areas.

                  All floats are pressure tested prior to despatch.

                  Recyclable and VOC Free.

                  China made and designed.