About Your Enquiry Of Discharge & Suction Rubber Hose Pipe

                  2017-05-24 admin 1976

                  Discharge & Suction Rubber Hose Pipe

                  More and more customer inquiry our product due to we can provide the product with the best quality and the most suitable price,but when our customer enquiried our product,they often can not tell us the completely information,and we often communicate with our customer more and more times and after that we can quote to them,it's very waste time and work no efficiency.Now,we can provide the common questions need to confirm with our customers about our discharge and suction rubber hose pipe.

                  Question 1:

                  What medium you would like to transport when you use rubber hose pipe?

                  Sand & water ? oil ? water or others?

                  The material is different when the rubber hose pipe will be used in the different application and transport different medium.

                  Question 2:

                  Do you need discharge rubber hose pipe or suction rubber hose pipe?

                  According to the different application of rubber hose pipe,we have discharge rubber hose pipe and suction rubber hose pipe,please confirm which one is you need.

                  Question 3:

                  When you use rubber hose pipe to transport sand & water for dredging,What's your pressure requirement of rubber hose pipe?

                  In common,we advise 1.0Mpa rubber hose pipe for you according to our more than 6 years dredging hose supplier  experience.And we can also produce 1.25Mpa,1.6Mpa,2.0Mpa ect according to our customer's different requirement.

                  Question 4:

                  What's your requirement of the every length?

                  We can produce the length less than 10 meters long,the maximum is 10 meters every piece.

                  After above questions,we can reply to you and quote to you very quickly.