Max-- HDPE Pipe Fittings

                  2020-06-22 admin 1538

                  Luoyang Max Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd are one of the professional manufacturer of HDPE pipe fittings in the north of China.

                  We have full categories of HDPE Pipe Fittings.We list the common catalogue

                  of our HDPE pipe fittings as following:

                  1.HDPE Bend/HDPE elbow  90 degree and 45 degree

                  2.HDPE tee

                    HDPE inject socket equal tee/HDPE inject socket reducing tee

                    HDPE inject butt fusion equal tee/HDPE inject butt fusion reducing tee

                  3.HDPE flange end/HDPE stub end

                  4.HDPE reducer

                  5.HDPE Socket

                  The above HDPE pipe fittings,we have 1.6Mpa and 1.25Mpa within 315mm outer diameter.

                  The above HDPE pipe fittings,we have 1.0Mpa above 315mm outer diameter.

                  Welcome you visit our factory and choice the suitable pressure and suitable

                  size for your application.